Student Oyster Card


Fill in the office address because that is where you will receive mail.
Postcode: SW7 4JU
House Number Name: 43
Street: Harrington Gardens
Town: London
Telephone: 020 7244 2923 (This is the Student Life Office number if you do not have your mobile phone number yet)

Click on ‘Continue'

Use the log-in from your London Personal Page (It should look like this sample: ABC123)
Select ‘Full Time’
Select your start and end date in the drop down menu
Click on ‘Continue.’ The security page will open

You need to give them a 4 digit PIN code which secures the access to your card data.
NOTE: If you DO NOT want to receive further information about products from Oyster, make sure you uncheck the little box on the bottom of the page because it might already be checked.

Click on ‘Continue’

Now you need to upload a photo of yourself which will appear on your Oyster photocard.
Please read the photo information carefully.
Find the 'Browse' button located on the bottom of the page to look up the photo on your computer.
Then click on ‘Upload and Continue.’

Your uploaded photo will be shown in a window on the page. Please click ‘Upload and Continue’ if it is the photo you want to use. Click ‘Clear’ if not and look for another picture.

The next page will show a summary of all information that you entered…name, address, email, photo etc.
Please make sure your information is correct and read through the Terms and Conditions. Confirm that you have read everything by checking the button next to it.

Please select one of the payment methods listed, your language and the country of your bank.
Follow the payment procedure.

After you have done so you will be a shown an online receipt of your transaction, which you can print out.

You will receive an e-mail from Transport for London confirming that your application has been received. In a few days time you will receive another email if your application was approved or denied.

If you need to travel beyond the boundary of zone 2, you may claim a travel subsidy for your monthly student Travelcard from the Finance Office in London after your first month's travel.

The travel subsidy will be based on the price you pay with your student discounted Oyster card. You will only be reimbursed for travel beyond zone 2.
For example, a monthly student travel card for zones 1-2 costs £69.20 and a monthly student travel card for zones 1-4 costs £98.70. The subsidy will be £29.50 which covers zones 3-4.


The Oyster card is a transit card that can be used throughout the London transit system which includes the underground tube system, trains and buses. We would suggest that all placement students who have to use London Transport to get to their placement, use their Student Photocard to purchase a Monthy Student Travel card as it offer the best savings on fares.

While the London office will refund you for the cost of travel to
placements outside of Zone 2 ,it will only be at the subsidized student rate. See section 8. below.

The first step is to apply for a Student Photocard. In order to apply for an Oyster student photo card you need to log onto the Oyster webpage. It will take 7 steps to order your card. Please have your credit card information, your personal page login and the high resolution picture you sent to us in London for your personal page to hand/on the comuter from which you intend to apply.

To remind you:
Photo MUST BE at least 300dpi
Not bigger than 1MB
Portrait of you - This means a picture of your face from the shoulder up! Exactly in the form and format of the picture below.
Rectangular, taller than wider

Example of a suitable picture format:  
This link will take you to the Transport for London Student Oyster Application Page.

Search in the drop down menu for ‘Boston University’
Click on the button ‘Apply Now’
Registration page will open

Please fill in the following:
Your title (drop down menu)
Your first name
Your last name
Date of Birth (day/month/year)
Your email address
Repeat email address for confirmation
Create a password (min. 6 characters)
Repeat password

Click on ‘Continue’